BOX and Phytonext

BOX (Blue Ocean XLerator) is a Wageningen based private incubator/accelerator owned by entrepreneurs who invest in sustainable innovations that have it in them to make the world better. BOX is a new yet proven way of accelerating: for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. BOX is present during the Cannabis Capital Convention (3C) 2019- so if you want to know more, they’re there.

Extraction is one of the key areas of the BOX current portfolio of new technologies.  The intrinsic value of plant material should not be destroyed by a crude extraction technology – hence the Phytonext technology. They use the proprietary technology to produce materials for the pharmaceutical, food ingredients and cosmetics industry.

Cannabis is one of Phytonext biggest applications to date, patents are pending, and many other botanical applications are being explored. Phytonext now has two subsidiary joint venture companies in the cannabis domain; one for CBD production (Becanex, Berlin) and one for medicinal cannabis in Ter Apel, NL.

Pitch Lab and the Joint Venture Ofinext

Juriën Koster, Business Developer at Phytonext held a compelling keynote speech at last year’s 3C as a spokesperson for that same company. But, in the meantime, he may have dropped some hints about Ofinext, a joint venture between Ofichem Group and Phytonext. These hints have paid off because, at the time, Ofinext was just a small start-up like any other in the cannabis industry.

This year Juriën is back at 3C and Ofinext isn’t a small start-up anymore. It is now making serious waves in the Dutch extracts industry. He will be participating as a panel member for 3C’s first edition of Pitch Lab. This is an event where young and eager entrepreneurs like Juriën will showcase their start-ups.

Ofinext is a partnership between Groningen-based Lab Ofichem, part of the Ofichem group, and Phytonext from Wageningen. Ofinext makes full spectrum cannabis extracts – certified pharmaceutical GMP – for use as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. The company is advocating a stronger European production base for pharmaceutical materials and favours so called botanical drug substances as an alternative for chemical components. Ofinext’ s extracts contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial substances of the plant.

At the moment, cannabis oil is already being produced on a minor scale by local pharmacies, but the production process is rather expensive. There is also a flourishing illegal trade, with no guarantee of the quality and effectiveness of cannabis oil. Many patients therefore prefer to continue smoking cannabis instead of switching to the oil. Large-scale production of cannabis oil under pharmaceutical conditions did barely existed up until now, but that is about to change in Ter Apel. Ofinext is equipped with a fully functioning new GMP facility, the best cannabinoid extraction process to date and is able to export both THC and CBD products to every continent.

Worldwide, a lot of research is being done into the medicinal properties of the plant. In North America in particular, companies are investing billions of euros in this new industry. ‘The Netherlands has a lot of know-how and experience in the field of cannabis, but we now need to take things to the next level quickly.


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