The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TSX:TGOD) (US:TGODF) announced the launch of their premium, certified organic cannabis brand during the Canadian Organic Week – the largest annual celebration of organic food, farming and products across the country. Their goal is simple; be the largest, organic cannabis brand in the world.

Bill Griffin, 21 September, 2018

Cannabis with an organic approach

Of the 116 licensed cannabis producers in Canada, TGOD is one of only two that are certified organic. TGOD cannabis adheres to the highest production standards for organic cultivation – the product is grown naturally in Canadian soil, without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. According to a 2018 Hill & Knowlton research study, 57% of Canadian medical cannabis consumers and 43% of recreational cannabis consumers prefer organic cannabis.

“Organically certified cannabis is preferred by Canadian consumers, in both medical and recreational markets,” said Andrew Pollock, TGOD’s Vice President of Marketing. “Cannabis consumers value the safety, medical efficacy and natural terpene profiles that organic cannabis provides. Our mission is Making Life Better, and our organic cannabis products deliver on that promise. TGOD is an organic community that consumers will be proud to join,” continued Pollock.

It’s not only Canadian consumers who are looking out for organic and sustainable cannabis. In the US there is also a large consumer base who choose to live an organic lifestyle. Awareness campaigns such as #What’sInMyWeed organised by Cannabis Certification Council help to educate consumers on the topic. Organic produce is increasing in popularity across Europe and cannabis consumers are seeking organic cannabis. Organic cannabis is more in keeping with their healthy lifestyle.

Don’t irradiate my weed, man

Irradiation is a process which kills all life within a cannabis flower before distribution. It has been found to have an impact on the terpenes which are the essential oils found in cannabis. It is the terpenes that give cannabis (and other plants) its taste and aroma. TGOD cannabis is never irradiated, resulting in rich and aromatic terpene profiles that are all natural. The Company’s cannabis oils are derived using a super-critical CO2 extraction process that uses no harmful solvents or additives.

LEEDing the way with GMP certified facilities

In addition to producing a premium cannabis experience, TGOD will be the industry leader in sustainability and environmental standards. Production of organic nutrients requires less processing, and organic pest control has less environmental impact due to fewer chemicals entering the ecosystem. TGOD will operate the largest LEED-certified facility in the world and is building all facilities to GMP standards. LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system, including energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emission reduction, and indoor environmental quality.

“We are thrilled to launch our premium organic brand of TGOD products with a focus on providing the highest-quality cannabis experience in the world,” said Brian Athaide, TGOD’s CEO. “Our respect for the land is evident in every step of our production process, and we are committed to providing premium products for both our medical and future recreational customers,” continued Athaide.

“We are excited to see a company in a new industry that embraces the importance of organic cultivation and product offerings,” said Tia Loftsgard, executive director of the Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA). “When cannabis becomes legal, we are delighted that TGOD will be able to provide the option of cleanly grown, certified organic cannabis to the Canadian marketplace.”

Who is The Green Organic Dutchman?

TGOD grows organic cannabis with sustainable, all-natural principles. TGOD’s products are laboratory tested to ensure patients have access to a standardized, safe and consistent product. TGOD has a funded capacity of 170,000 kg and is building 1,382,000 sq. ft. of cultivation facilities in Ontario, Quebec and Jamaica.

They have developed a strategic partnership with Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB.TO) whereby Aurora has invested approximately C$78.1 million for a 20% off-take agreement on Canadian production. The Company has raised approximately C$350 million dollars and has over 20,000 shareholders.

Danny Brody, Vice President of Investor Relations at TGOD will be attending the Cannabis Capital Convention next week in Amsterdam.

Cannabis Capital Convention

The Cannabis Capital Convention is inviting key players from the cannabis industry to their conference which takes place on 26 September in Amsterdam.

The Cannabis Capital Convention is committed to growth in the cannabis market. Big names from the cannabis industry will meet to inform professional and private investors on the latest developments.

The convention has CEOs and spokespersons from companies including Canaccord, Bedrocan, C21 Investments, The Green Organic Dutchman, Prohibition Partners, Cannabis Industry Europe, Grön Chocolate and more.

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