A chance to hear the latest innovations within the Dutch cannabis industry

Juriën Koster, Business Developer at Phytonext held a compelling keynote speech at last year’s Cannabis Capital Convention (3C) as a spokesperson for that same company. But, in the meantime, he may have dropped some hints about Ofinext, a joint venture between Groningen-based Laboratorium Ofichem and Phytonext from Wageningen. Ofinext is one of the first companies to produce cannabis oil that contains all the beneficial substances of the plant according to pharmaceutical regulations (Good Manufacturing Practices). 
This year Juriën is back at 3C and Ofinext isn’t a small start-up anymore. It is now making serious waves in the Dutch extracts industry. Juriën will participate as a panel member for 3C’s first edition of Pitch Lab. This is an event where young and eager entrepreneurs like Juriën will showcase their start-ups. 
Like Juriën, these youngbloods may meet the right investor at the right time. And that investor may very well be you. Want to know which youngbloods are going to pitch their ideas? Here is a short roll call.   

Due to the ‘shady’ image of the business, most banks, credit card companies, and payment providers won’t handle the money generated by the cannabis industry, even in places where it is completely legal. This leads to inefficient solutions such as cash
transactions, which only add to the shady image of the industry. To address this problem, BitCanna will create a platform to provide a decentralised payment network for the legal cannabis industry, by means of the BCNA token. Customers can use BCNA tokens to make purchases in both online and brick and mortar dispensaries, solving the current payment problems for the industry.

Plantik Biosciences:
Through Smart Breeding technology, Plantik Biosciences is cutting down the time it takes to create a new plant variety from years to months. Tomorrow, we will be engineering plants like how we engineer cars today: with precision, efficiency and elegance.
Plantik is starting its mission with cannabis. Previously prohibited for over 80 years, cannabis is showing great potential for applications in spaces such as medical, nutrition and cosmetics. We are here to answer the need: developing new cannabis varieties 10 times faster, with unprecedented precision.

Greenmeister (formerly known as Getsmokin.nl) is an online platform that rates the quality of coffeeshops in the Netherlands with user-generated content through a website and an app. Greenmeister informs its users with verified and user-submitted information. This information consists of images, facilities, location and reviews. Each month Greenmeister reaches more than 350,000 visitors.

Widget World Wide:
Imagine a beverage that could change its identity as soon as you open it. Infusing the existing flavour and ingredients with something new, something extra. This could simply be an added hint of aroma, or it could be something more exciting, like an infusion of energising elixirs.
Go one step further and add a nutritional or medicinal element to the mix, like vitamines, probiotics, anti-oxidants or even CBD/THC. The possibilities are endless.
That is exactly why Widget World Wide is so confident about their latest creation: The Capss infusion system.

What if you could actively contribute to the legalisation effort by combining all your passions into one new, unique product? By combining that what is accepted as well as sought after with what is still partly taboo? Those were the questions that the people behind Sensunique asked themselves when they took their passion for fine cuisine, wine and craft beer and infused those with their passion for cannabis.

Sensunique offers a unique gastronomical and educational experience that redefines the way we will consume cannabis. From stigmatist plant to consumer product of the highest standards.

These start-ups and more are going to pitch their innovative ideas at the second Cannabis Capital Convention which will take place in Amsterdam. Reserve your ticket today. This ticket also grants you access to great networking opportunities with cannabis investors, influencers and more up and coming entrepreneurs.

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Article by Herbert M. Green