World Wide Wave

What can we learn from legalized markets?

Who’s next?

Where are the investment opportunities?

The Cannabis Capital Convention is the first cannabis conference in the Netherlands for investors and entrepreneurs – October the 30th we return once again. We will be hosting it at the Compagnietheater, a deconsecrated church in the heart of Amsterdam.

This years theme will highlight the World Wide Wave in cannabis legalisation, with emphasis on Europe.

What can other countries, such as The Netherlands, learn from this wave and who is next?

And what are the investment opportunities that this wave brings?

Cannabis Capital Convention is the place to rub shoulders with high level investors – who have made their billions from established businesses – and street smart cannabis entrepreneurs – who have survived the rough and tumble of running a lucrative business from within a legal grey zone.

In 2018, Cannabis Capital Convention (event report) hosted 300 delegates in The Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam. Through a series of enlightening presentations and discussions European entrepreneurs and investors caught a glimpse of what a cannabis infused future in Europe could look like. 

We were one of – if not the first – serious convention to openly discuss the possibilities legal recreational cannabis could offer European entrepreneurs and investors. One of the first presentations of the day from Matt Reid, an analyst from the world’s oldest investment bank – Berenberg – explained to a stunned audience they were “looking with interest at the recreational psychoactive cannabis market and in particular the potential development of THC infused beverages and the risk they pose to established alcohol players.” This eye opener set the tone for the day and laid any thoughts to rest that this was going to be just another cannabis event masquerading under the guise of “therapeutic medicine”.

In Europe, the cannabis market is literally growing. Multiple European countries have announced legislation and hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in the European cannabis industry. Yet we are still at least five years behind the US and Canada. Europe has benefitted from global developments, since the governments can follow the lead of other countries. Governments now comprehend the benefits that come with the legislation of cannabis, socially as well as financially.

This year we maintain our focus on North American brands and the lessons they have learnt but also showcase European companies to understand what they have to offer. We’re going to explore and learn how they have prospered despite operating in a legal grey zone and how they will compete and thrive in a global market as barriers tumble.

We’ll bring the knowledge of the North American cannabis investors and the seasoned veterans of the European cannabis market together in our Cannabis Capital Convention.

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The goal of the Cannabis Capital Convention is to inform about the investing opportunities in the cannabis industry. Speakers range from product specialists and companies to analysts from leading investment banks in cannabis. The day is filled with instructive speeches aspired to give you insights into these investment opportunities and to network with cannabis investors and influencers during lunch and drinks. An overview of the day:


Michael Kraland
Michael KralandModerator CCC
Michael Kraland is the moderator at the Cannabis Capital Convention. Michael is a publicist and a professional investor. In 1998 he became co-founder and shareholder of the Dutch investment website
Paul King
Paul KingCEO Cannafornia
King has been named a 25 under 25 Entrepreneur by Businessweek for his work in tech and real estate. King graduated early Summa Cum Laude from Carnegie Mellon University to start his entrepreneurial career with goCharge, a mobile phone charging technology company which King built into the #1 company in its space. After goCharge’s acquisition, King started IST Realty, a 120 person high-end real estate brokerage. King then founded a non- profit, Chatter for Charity, which connected celebrities with fans, as proceeds of raffle sales went to Charity. Chatter received support from Diddy, DJ Khaled, Tony Hawk, Ray Lewis, Jamie Foxx, and other celebrities.
King entered into cannabis in 2014.
King has also been a Co-Founder of another California based Cannabis company with a current valuation over $300M USD.
Diederik Van Der Reijt
Diederik Van Der ReijtInvestor
Diederik Van Der Reijt Entrepreneur and investor with over 18 years experience in finance and start ups. Investments in over 25 companies with several successful exits. Raised over $150mm for public and private companies in a wide range of sectors including sustainable water solutions, technology platforms, security, wearables, consumer devices, and cannabis. Focus on Environmental, Social and Governance standards of underlying portfolio companies. Passionate advisor and mentor to young entrepreneurs. Built his global network by living in 5 different continents over the last 20 years. Diederik supports philanthropic causes including cancer research and access to the arts for children.
Philip van den Berg
Philip van den BergCFO Halo Labs
Philip van den Berg graduated cum laude in economics in 1985 at the University of Amsterdam. After graduating, Mr. van den Berg joined Pierson, Heldring & Pierson in the Netherlands as investment analyst. Most of his experience on the sell side was with Goldman Sachs in London where he joined when its European equities division was established in 1987. In 1995 Philip went to Deutsche Morgan Grenfell to participate in re-establishing its European equities division. During his career on the sell-side, he held various positions within research departments as investment analyst, supervisory analyst, member of the investment policy committee and head of research. In 1997 Philip moved to the buy-side as co-founder of Olympus Capital Management, one of the first European hedge funds (long short equity). In 2006 Philip co-founded Taler Asset Management, a wealth management company based in Gibraltar. Currently Philip is a non-executive director at Taler. Since 2014 Philip has been an active investor in various start-up companies in Europe and the US where he has held positions as director and CFO, including Golden Leaf Holding and URT1. He has implemented corporate governance and administrative systems, has been involved in a number of capital market transactions, oversaw a public listing and has been involved in mergers and acquisitions.
Michael Nistorescu
Michael NistorescuCEO Cannaverde
Mr. Nistorescu started his career as an analyst at Gluskin Sheff + Associates and went on to become Investments Director at Infinite Potential Management. He then cofounded a boutique private equity firm where he served as CEO and Investments Director. Mr. Nistorescu earned a degree in Economics and International Studies from York University. He brings a wealth of experience in business strategy, asset allocation, and company management.
Richard Kreisel-Kilstock
Richard Kreisel-Kilstock Chairman, Co-CIO Caplime Limited
Mr. Kilstock has enjoyed thirty years of commercial success by focusing on opportunities in nascent industries.
Mr. Kilstock joined Mr. Benatar and founded Acropolis Casinos, one of the first Internet Casino Gaming companies. After designing and working with developers to produce the software Mr. Kilstock negotiated the first Gaming License with the Country of Dominica. Mr. Kilstock and Mr. Benatar grew the business and sold the company to Stanley Leisure (a UK PLC) in March 2000 in advance of the first tech crash.
Mr. Kilstock next focused on Real Estate investing, finding great success in applying the early stage strategy enjoyed in his internet experience to purchase assets in up and coming areas such as Williamsburg Brooklyn and Camden in the UK.
In 2013, applying the same principle again Mr. Kilstock made his first family investment in the Cannabis Industry. Mr. Kilstock invested in a company holding 2 Dispensary and Grow Licenses in Washington DC and 1 in Arizona. Over the past 4 years, Mr. Kilstock has developed a close relationship with the management team and seen his investment grow over 3,000% based on the most recent financing round to become a market leader, Licensed in 11 states. Through this investment Mr. Kilstock has been afforded a view into this exciting and fast growing industry. He has since invested in 4 other Cannabis companies and seen tremendous value uplift based on subsequent financing rounds.
Gains of over 700% weighted average annualized returns based on the most recent funding rounds for investments held over 1 year.
(Mr. Kilstock shall be joining us via live video from New York)

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