Phytonext is a Dutch startup, that has a global patent pending technology which can simplify the extraction process of full spectrum cannabis essential oils. Full spectrum includes all cannabinoids (active component) and terpenes (flavour and smell) the plant has to offer.

Bill Griffin, 22 September, 2018

“Our process is 12 times faster, doesn’t destroy any terpenes and provides the full spectrum of the plants, producing a better quality end product than distillates. What’s not to like about that?” says Jurïen Koster, Business Developer of Phytonext.

Phytonext’s fully scalable, one step process of “selective extraction” utilises low pressure and low temperature to achieve results. This gentle process means the end product contains more of what you want and none of what you don’t want.

Founded at the end of 2012, Phytonext have their eye on replacing the CO2 extraction process to produce cannabis extracts. There are a few problems with CO2 extraction that Phytonext can overcome. CO2 extraction does not scale up well – resulting in smaller batches. CO2 extracts too much out of the plant material – such as waxes and chlorophyll – which need to be removed via distillation involving costly equipment and adding a second phase to the extract process.

Initially they began work on a technology to be used on all plants producing extracts for the food and pharmaceutical industry. A breakthrough came in 2014 when they started to experiment with cannabis flowers from Bedrocan. Bedrocan being the leading cultivator of medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands.

Phytonext extracts selectively, it is capable of controllably generating stable particles of sizes 1 to 5 micron and up from the cannabis plant material. Outcoming size can be tuned to meet requirements.

Currently they are building an extraction facility in Germany to process industrial hemp which will produce full spectrum extracts rich in CBD.

But it’s the future market that is the most exciting. “Our goal is to supply all the medical cannabis oil that is sold throughout European pharmacies,” said Jurïen. “In theory, one factory can serve the entire Dutch and German market.”

Phytonext’s Jurïen Koster is one of the speakers at the Cannabis Capital Convention which is happening in Amsterdam on 26 September. Tjalling Erkelens, founder and CEO of Bedrocan will also be making a presentation at the event.

Cannabis Capital Convention

The Cannabis Capital Convention is inviting key players from the cannabis industry to their conference which takes place on 26 September in Amsterdam.

The Cannabis Capital Convention is committed to growth in the cannabis market. Big names from the cannabis industry will meet to inform professional and private investors on the latest developments.

The convention has CEOs and spokespersons from companies including Phytonext, Canaccord, Bedrocan, C21 Investments, The Green Organic Dutchman, Prohibition Partners, Cannabis Industry Europe, Grön Chocolate and more.

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