Dutch government-regulated cannabis production to start soon

Are the Dutch well underway to legalise cannabis and how can you profit from a regulatory experiment?

By Herbert M. Green 

There are still those who are genuinely surprised to hear that cannabis isn’t strictly legal in Holland. Others are baffled by the fact that the legalization effort in the Netherlands has borne so little fruit. By the mid-’80s, many had the Lowlands pegged as the “most likely to end cannabis prohibition” by 2020. And yet, a multitude of countries have surpassed the Netherlands in the race for legalisation. 

What happened? Has the Netherlands missed its chance to secure a foothold in the global cannabis market? According to some it has, while others still see opportunities. 

Regulation versus criminalisation

For over four decades, the Dutch have enjoyed a relatively tolerant policy towards drugs, especially in regards to cannabis. Yet, if you ask those-in-the-know about the current state of cannabis legalisation in the land of tulips and wooden shoes, you will hear that the War on Drugs has only intensified. 

This upsurge in the enforcement of policies, however, stands in stark contrast to the plan for a five-year-long experiment with the sale of government-regulated cannabis, set to start in 2021. For the duration of this experiment – which is sometimes referred to as the “Dope Trials” by international media –  “State-grown weed” will be sold through coffeeshops (Dutch cannabis dispensaries) in ten municipalities. 

The goal of this cannabis experiment is to see if regulating the production and sale of cannabis will undermine and ultimately root out the criminal element that now presides over the less savoury side of the Dutch cannabis industry.       

Sourpusses and optimistic entrepreneurs 

The plan has been met with mixed reactions, both from politicians, citizens and those in the industry. Some call it a step in the right direction, others call it a political stalling tactic to avoid discussing proper legalisation.  

Whichever opinion you subscribe to regarding the big picture, smart entrepreneurs are already gearing up to jump on the bandwagon. And we’re not only talking about growing the golden crops themselves. That privilege will only be bestowed upon a handful of companies, for which the selection process is still wide open. The real possibilities lie in providing the infrastructure for this experiment. 

The crops need to be tested to see if they are up to government-mandated standards, the product has to be packed and transported to salespoints, and most importantly, protected. Both physically as well as digitally, which opens up a whole new set of doors for security agencies as well as IT and ICT companies.      

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