World Wide Wave

What can we learn from legalized markets?
Who’s next?
Where are the investment opportunities?

This year’s theme will highlight the World Wide Wave in cannabis legalization, with emphasis on Europe. What can other countries, such as The Netherlands, learn from this wave and who is next? And what are the investment opportunities that this wave brings.

We will look at the European companies to see what they have to offer. We’re going to explore and learn about how they have prospered despite operating in a legal grey zone and how they will compete and thrive in a global market as barriers tumble. We will also maintain the focus on the North American brands to discuss the lessons that they have learnt.

We’ll bring the knowledge of the North American cannabis investors and the seasoned veterans of the European cannabis market together in our Cannabis Capital Convention. Secondly, we will offer a platform to discuss different ideas and visions within the industry. Think, activists, farmers and professors who will all broaden your perspective!

New this year will be the Pitch Lab in which startups present their thoughts and ideas about the evolving cannabis industry.

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The Cannabis Capital of the World

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Cannabis Capital Convention is the place to rub shoulders with high level investors – who have made their billions from established businesses – and street smart cannabis entrepreneurs – who have survived the rough and tumble of running a lucrative business from within a legal grey zone.

CCC 2018

In 2018, Cannabis Capital Convention (event report) hosted 300 delegates in The Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam. Through a series of enlightening presentations and discussions European entrepreneurs and investors caught a glimpse of what a cannabis infused future in Europe could look like. 

In Europe, the cannabis market is literally growing. Multiple European countries have announced legislation and hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in the European cannabis industry. Yet we are still at least five years behind the US and Canada. Europe has benefitted from global developments, since the governments can follow the lead of other countries. Governments now comprehend the benefits that come with the legislation of cannabis, socially as well as financially.

We were one of – if not the first – serious convention to openly discuss the possibilities legal recreational cannabis could offer European entrepreneurs and investors. One of the first presentations of the day from Matt Reid, an analyst from the world’s oldest investment bank – Berenberg – explained to a stunned audience they were “looking with interest at the recreational psychoactive cannabis market and in particular the potential development of THC infused beverages and the risk they pose to established alcohol players.” This eye opener set the tone for the day and laid any thoughts to rest that this was going to be just another cannabis event masquerading under the guise of “therapeutic medicine”.

Aftermovie CCC 2018

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The goal of the Cannabis Capital Convention is to inform about the investing opportunities in the cannabis industry. Speakers range from product specialists and companies to analysts from leading investment banks in cannabis. The day is filled with instructive speeches aspired to give you insights into these investment opportunities and to network with cannabis investors and influencers during lunch and drinks. An overview of the day:


Jim Belushi
Jim BelushiFounder of Belushi's farm
Jim Belushi is the founder of Belushi’s Farm cannabis, where his sprawling and spiritual 93 acres along the Rogue River plays home to a range of offerings—from Belushi’s Private Vault to Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica, a rare strain from the Hindu Kush region that became known in the ‘70s as “The Smell of SNL.” Having suffered the loss of his brother John to an overdose and his own journey of learning and healing through cultivating cannabis, Jim’s an outspoken proponent of the plant’s beneficial properties across a spectrum of uses. From enhancing joy and quality of life, mitigating trauma and managing pain, to a harm reduction approach and rebuttal of the opioid abuse epidemic, Jim advocates for patient rights and adult-use legalization while empowering craft farmers to thrive in economies of scale. Jim’s also actively engaged in several projects benefiting communities surrounding Belushi’s Farm in Jackson County, Oregon. In Medford, Jim is helping reconstruct the historic Holly Theater to bring the 1930s Spanish Colonial movie palace back to life as Southern Oregon’s largest indoor concert venue. In Eagle Point, Jim’s assisting with the reconstruction of The Butte Creek Mill, destroyed in a 2016 electrical fire, to preserve its heritage, build community, and improve the environment
Paul King
Paul KingCEO Cannafornia
King has been named a 25 under 25 Entrepreneur by Businessweek for his work in tech and real estate. King graduated early Summa Cum Laude from Carnegie Mellon University to start his entrepreneurial career with goCharge, a mobile phone charging technology company which King built into the #1 company in its space. After goCharge’s acquisition, King started IST Realty, a 120 person high-end real estate brokerage. King then founded a non- profit, Chatter for Charity, which connected celebrities with fans, as proceeds of raffle sales went to Charity. Chatter received support from Diddy, DJ Khaled, Tony Hawk, Ray Lewis, Jamie Foxx, and other celebrities.
King entered into cannabis in 2014.
King has also been a Co-Founder of another California based Cannabis company with a current valuation over $300M USD.
Chelsea Leyland
Chelsea LeylandDeejay and Activist
Chelsea is an established deejay and is recognized in the fashion and art worlds.  She has played for Chanel and Vogue and at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, among many other events.
Chelsea suffers from juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, which she has been battling since her early teenage years.  For the last two years, she has been treating her epilepsy with cannabidiol after weaning herself off of all pharmaceutical drugs.  Through her experience she has become a leading advocate for the de-stigmatization of both epilepsy and medicinal cannabis, fighting on behalf of patients for fair access to safe cannabis medicines.
Chelsea is currently co-producing and featuring in the documentary, “Separating The Strains”, which explores the medicinal cannabis industry and the world of epilepsy and other neurodegenerative diseases.  
Diederik Van Der Reijt
Diederik Van Der ReijtInvestor
Diederik Van Der Reijt is a entrepreneur and investor with over 18 years experience in finance and start ups. Van Der Reijt has Investments in over 25 companies with several successful exits. He Raised over $150mm for public and private companies in a wide range of sectors including sustainable water solutions, technology platforms, security, wearables, consumer devices, and cannabis. Focus on Environmental, Social and Governance standards of underlying portfolio companies. He is a passionate advisor and mentor to young entrepreneurs. And built his global network by living in 5 different continents over the last 20 years. Diederik supports philanthropic causes including cancer research and access to the arts for children.
Philip van den Berg
Philip van den BergCFO Halo Labs
Philip van den Berg graduated cum laude in economics in 1985 at the University of Amsterdam. After graduating, Mr. van den Berg joined Pierson, Heldring & Pierson in the Netherlands as investment analyst. Most of his experience on the sell side was with Goldman Sachs in London where he joined when its European equities division was established in 1987. In 1995 Philip went to Deutsche Morgan Grenfell to participate in re-establishing its European equities division. During his career on the sell-side, he held various positions within research departments as investment analyst, supervisory analyst, member of the investment policy committee and head of research. In 1997 Philip moved to the buy-side as co-founder of Olympus Capital Management, one of the first European hedge funds (long short equity). In 2006 Philip co-founded Taler Asset Management, a wealth management company based in Gibraltar. Currently Philip is a non-executive director at Taler. Since 2014 Philip has been an active investor in various start-up companies in Europe and the US where he has held positions as director and CFO, including Golden Leaf Holding and URT1. He has implemented corporate governance and administrative systems, has been involved in a number of capital market transactions, oversaw a public listing and has been involved in mergers and acquisitions.
Nic Easley
Nic EasleyCEO of Multiverse Capital & 3C Consulting
Nic Easley is the CEO & Managing Director for Multiverse Capital™, a cannabis venture firm, and the founder and CEO of 3C Consulting, LLC™, the leading global strategic cannabis consulting firm. Nic is known for his passionate commitment to introducing demonstrated best practices from other industries into the cannabis space. His industry-leading track record of building strong cannabis businesses and guiding others towards their own victories has established him as a trusted, proven resource for anyone considering entering the cannabis industry. Nic is a Board Member at Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the largest national member-based organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. He recently educated delegates on medical cannabis at the UN Intergovernmental Expert Group Meeting on International Challenges Posed by the Non-Medical use of Synthetic Opioids. His scientific background combined with over 15 years of agricultural field and biological experience provides the industry with new possibilities of productivity, profitability, and professionalism. Nic is a Veteran of the United States Air Force and fluent in numerous languages holding degrees in both Environmental Studies and Biology.
Juriën Koster
Juriën Koster Vice-President International Relations at Ofinext and Director at C.I.E.
Mr. Koster is active in the cannabis industry since 2017. Help to build four different companies from the ground up. Actively developing a professional cannabis industry in The Netherlands and Europe. Occasional speaker at cannabis conventions and advisor to trade shows and events. Expertise in the technical and pharmaceutical aspects of the market.
Mr. Koster is the International spokesperson for Ofinext. Building and maintaining a broad network of different stakeholders with a focus on the pharmaceutical aspect of the market. Developing our own Ofinext pharmaceutical products (EU-GMP certified full spectrum API’s) and looking for new possibilities. Mr. Koster has the Lead role in the Ofinext clinical trials. And is in charge of project management and making strategic decisions regarding the trials.
Mr. Koster will attend as a panel member.

Actively lobbying for the cannabis industry in Europe and most notably The Netherlands, by organizing cannabis events and the development of a scientific cannabis center in Wageningen.

Michael Nistorescu
Michael NistorescuCEO Cannaverde
Mr. Nistorescu started his career as an analyst at Gluskin Sheff + Associates and went on to become Investments Director at Infinite Potential Management. He then cofounded a boutique private equity firm where he served as CEO and Investments Director. Mr. Nistorescu earned a degree in Economics and International Studies from York University. He brings a wealth of experience in business strategy, asset allocation, and company management.
Professor Renger F. Witkamp
Professor Renger F. WitkampProfessor in Nutritional Biology
Renger Witkamp (1959) is professor of Nutritional Biology at Wageningen University and Research, Division of Human Nutrition and Health.
His main scientific interests include the principles of physiological flexibility and adaptation to stress, aging and chronic diseases. In this context, he studies the role of both nutritional components and medicines to develop new therapeutic strategies. For more than 25 years he has been active in research on medicinal Cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. In his view, these topics provide a prime example of a group of compounds that not only bridge the domains of food and medicine, but also those of health and disease.
His other activities include the scientific directorship of the Wageningen Graduate School VLAG (Food technology, Agro-biotechnology, Nutrition and Health), chair of the advisory board of the “Voeding Leeft” foundation, board member of the European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP) and of the Nutrition Alliance between Wageningen University and the Gelderse Vallei hospital in Ede.
Pascal van Oers & Peter Schouten
Pascal van Oers & Peter SchoutenPartners Project C
Dutch General practitioner Ronald Roothans, lawyer Peter Schouten and former politician Joep van Meel have launched a plan to take part in the governmental experiment to cultivate cannabis and supply it to a participating group of coffee shops. The company ‘Project C’ was founded and plans to apply for a legal cultivation permit. Project C will set up a cultivation facility of 10,000 m2 plus additional rooms and space for the production of 12 tonnes of cannabis per year. Part of the plan is to give 30% of their net earnings to a foundation that will contribute to cannabis research and addiction programs.
Jaïr Velleman
Jaïr VellemanEntrepeneur
Jaïr Velleman, entrepreneur, activist and much more will speak the Cannabis Capital Convention. Jaïr has had a long and distinguished career in the cannabis industry both in the Netherlands and in the US. But he is also a courageous and original activist in his home country.

Believe it or not he also finds the time to launch a crypto fund at the Bourse of Amsterdam. He is a fascinating man to listen to. 

David Attwood
David AttwoodConsultant Prohibition Partners
David Attwood is an experienced consultant and analyst who leads Prohibition Partners’ consultancy team. Before joining Prohibition Partners, David ran the market analysis team and consultancy services for the leading market intelligence company in the electronic cigarettes sector. He has also held several roles in the clean energy sector and was a manager in Tax and Legal at PwC.

Prohibition Partners is the world’s leading provider of market insights and strategic consultancy for this emerging frontier. The business firmly believes that data, insights and education will unlock the societal and commercial potential of cannabis. The consultancy team works with investors, operators and regulators to identify and execute opportunities across multiple jurisdictions, advising private clients on licensing, regulatory and business opportunities.

Michael Kraland
Michael KralandModerator CCC
Michael Kraland is the moderator at the Cannabis Capital Convention. Michael is a publicist and a professional investor. In 1998 he became co-founder and shareholder of the Dutch investment website IEX.nl.


Pitch Lab

Jan Scheele
Jan ScheeleCEO of BitCanna

Jan Scheele (32) started his first company at the age of 13. Over the past years, he has grown several companies on the intersection of digital communications, once-in-a-lifetime events, and blockchain technology. He has served over 200 clients, ranging from startups to multinationals, national governments, non-profits, political parties, and global networks. He has also organized 50 TEDx events globally and was named “Global Shaper” and “Digital Leader” at the World Economic Forum. He is a trusted boardroom advisor, professional speaker, and author of ExciTED. He is currently active as CEO of International Blockchain Solutions, CEO of Bitcanna and CEO of Blockformer, all global blockchain organizations.

Ying Shao
Ying ShaoCo-Founder and CEO at Plantik Biosciences.

Ying Shao graduated from HEC Paris, and worked in companies like L’Oréal, LVMH and French Tech star Devialet. She has 5 years of startup experience in both company building and scale-up phases, leading international business development, strategy and marketing. Through advanced genetic breeding technology, Plantik Biosciences will accelerate the traditional breeding process manyfold. Tomorrow, we will be engineering plants like how we engineer cars today: with precision, efficiency and elegance. Plantik Biosciences is starting its mission with cannabis. Previously prohibited for over 80 years, cannabis is showing great potential for applications in spaces such as medical, nutrition and cosmetics. Next generation producers are yearning for new cannabis varieties – a revolution has yet to come so that we can engineer the right cannabis plant for the right purpose, with speed and precision.

Onnick Jessayan
Onnick JessayanDutch tech-entrepreneur and the owner of Oxygen Digital

Onnick co-founded Greenmeister which is the biggest Dutch coffeeshop platform in the Netherlands. Greenmeister is an online platform where the quality of coffeeshops in the Netherlands is made clear through a website and an app. Greenmeister informs the user with verified information and information submitted by other users. The information shown consists of: images, facilities, offer, location and reviews. Each month Greenmeister reaches more than 350.000 visitors.

Arthur Heine
Arthur Heine

I own a wine business since 2015 (Heine & Essenius Wijnkoperij) and I am happily married with two children (7 and 13). I often travel to wine regions to discover new flavours. Somehow California inspired me in a unique way, and not just because of their great Zinfandel. When I read about the wide range of flavors in cannabis and the similarities with wine, I became determined to do something with this knowledge. So I did. In November 2017 I organized the very first wine and weed pairing at Akhnaton (Amsterdam). In later sessions I hired chefs to cook with cannabis. In Last February we brewed our first batch of cannabis beer from organic home grown plants. In april 2020 we expect to bottle our first cannabis wine in Germany. I educate people about cannabis in food, terpenes and terroir and I love to see how people react in a positive way. I see my project as a culinary way of activism, which is still a necessary part of our business.

Adam Belusko
Adam BeluskoHead of Design and Strategy

GO GO CANNABIZ is the legal cannabis industry’s first fully integrated, mobile platform for the sourcing and procurement of cannabis products and services. Bringing together a B2B marketplace with robust data analytics, logistics management and in-app product lab results, our platform stands out from other marketplaces by focusing on helping brands develop their reputation on the strength of their products and customer service. Launched in Oklahoma, the United States’ fastest growing medical marijuana state, the marketplace has grown to more than 50 brands, 200 retail buyer accounts and more than 200 products in just 4 months. Next steps in our business model call for introduction of the platform to the newly launched medical/recreational sates or countries along with, further development of the platform architecture to pharmaceutical software standards in compliance with current requirements.

Casper Koppelle
Casper KoppellePartner at Widget World Wide B.V.,

Casper is partner at Widget World Wide B.V., which is in the process of developing a Cannabis Infusion System for beverages. In short, it allows the consumer to instantly mix and activate the THC/CBD with the beverage, by simply opening their bottles, as our patented technology works with pressure differences in the bottle and cap. One of the benefits of the packaging innovation is the longer shelf life and better quality of the THC/CBD, due the UV-light protection. Other advantages to the infusion system include precise dosing, pure mix and a transparent visual effect. The technology can be applied in various forms and the caps can have all kind of shapes and sizes,
based on the clients preferences.

Gaétan Laederich
Gaétan LaederichCo-Founder Kaya

Gaétan graduated from HEC and co-founded Vaïvaï, a beverage company, that was the first to launch coconut water on the French market in 2010. After growing Vaïvaï into a 5 M€ business (5000 Point of Sales, 6 countries), the company was acquired by Solinest (350 M€ revenues) in 2018. He is now the co-founder of Kaya, an international consumer brand whose ambition is to make the CBD accessible using products everybody loves.

Co-founded by Ludovic Rachou (also CEO @ One Gum), Emmanuel Jesberger and Gaétan Laederich (co-founders @ Vaïvaï), Kaya is an international consumer brand based in London, whose mission is to make CBD’s relaxing properties accessible. Positioned on products that appeal to most people and maximize CBD bioavailability, Kaya’s ambition is to build a strong community and become a lifestyle brand

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