CCC mentioned in the media: “Brewers put money into ‘drugs’”

Harry van Gelder, 5th of September, 2018
De Telegraaf 

Beer brewers are investing more frequently in the booming cannabis market. Last month, Constellations Brands, makers of Corona beer, announced almost $4 billion in investments in Canopy Growth, Canada’s largest cannabis firm. Molson Coors are by now working together with medicinal cannabis producers Hydropothecary. Heineken, too, are putting up some show in this field.

In California, American subsidiary Lagunitas are marketing the Hi-Fi Hops cannabis drink. It boils down to a sparkling hop water, infused with the cannabis substance THC. Where top executive Jean Francois van Boxmeer got more than just a shock on hearing about the plans (“Have you gone completely mad?”), he has by now become convinced of the appropriateness of this step, which is legitimate by the way. Lagunitas are allowed free range as long as this does not invoke legal problems.

This consent on the part of Van Boxmeer might well turn out to be a good decision. After all, despite president’s Trump’s war on drugs, interest on the part of Wall Street in investing in marijuana firms just never was as high as this. According to Bloomberg, the North-American Marijuana index rose by 140% this year; a poor contrast being the S&P 500, at a mere 17%.

This year, legitimate cannabis sales in the US are moving around $6 billion. According to analysts at Canadian investment bank GMP Securities, the American market will be valued at over $20 billion by 2022.

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How CBD has become the USA’s coolest food and drink ingredient

By |October 9th, 2018|Categories: Business, Strategy|

(CNN) — The latest "it" ingredient to hit menus is CBD, short for cannabidiol, one of over 60 cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant (more commonly known as marijuana). Unlike THC, the most well-known cannabinoid, CBD has no psychoactive effects. So, while it won't get you high, its reported therapeutic properties have driven CBD sales and popularity in the wellness industry. While researchers are still trying to determine CBD's effects, some studies suggest it can help treat inflammation, pain, anxiety and seizures. Continue to article

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Investment: the emerging cannabis market

The Cannabis Capital Convention is the first cannabis conference in the Netherlands for investors and entrepreneurs.

According to The Cannabis Industry 2017 Annual Report, sales of cannabis – both recreational and medical – will take off in 2018 with an expected reach of $4.75 billion. In 2025, the forecast is that it will hit $25 billion. This is a result of the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in Canada as well as multiple states in the United States of America. The legalization is expected to extend to other states as well, after the mid-term elections this November. When more states and countries legalize the production and consumption of this product, even more new businesses will appear, something that we have already seen in the last years. In North America cannabis has been recognized as a profitable emerging market, which caused multiple companies and funds to arise, which are invested in on a big scale.

In Europe, the cannabis market is emerging as well. In the last half year, the cannabis industry in Europe has grown more than in the last five years. Multiple European countries have announced legislation and millions of dollars have been invested in the European cannabis industry alone. Europe has benefitted from the abovementioned global developments, since the governments can follow the lead of North America. Governments now fully comprehend the benefits that come with the legislation of cannabis, socially as well as financially.

We want to bring the knowledge of the North American cannabis investors and the newness of the European cannabis market together in our Cannabis Capital Convention. Here, experienced experts from cannabis production companies, investors and analysts are invited as speakers and this will help in the investor learning experience. Also, European experts are invited to tell you about the current trends in this relatively unknown investment market.


The goal of the Cannabis Capital Convention is to inform about the investing opportunities in the cannabis industry. Speakers range from product specialists and companies to analysts from leading investment banks in cannabis. The day is filled with instructive speeches aspired to give you insights into these investment opportunities and to network with cannabis investors and influencers during lunch and drinks. An overview of the day:


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