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The Cannabis Capital Convention is the first cannabis conference in the Netherlands for investors and entrepreneurs – in the fall of 2019 we return once again.

In 2018, Cannabis Capital Convention (event report) hosted 300 delegates in The Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam. Through a series of enlightening presentations and discussions European entrepreneurs and investors caught a glimpse of what a cannabis infused future in Europe could look like. 

We were one of – if not the first – serious convention to openly discuss the possibilities legal recreational cannabis could offer European entrepreneurs and investors. One of the first presentations of the day from Matt Reid, an analyst from the world’s oldest investment bank – Berenberg – explained to a stunned audience they were “looking with interest at the recreational psychoactive cannabis market and in particular the potential development of THC infused beverages and the risk they pose to established alcohol players.” This eye opener set the tone for the day and laid any thoughts to rest that this was going to be just another cannabis event masquerading under the guise of “therapeutic medicine”.

In Europe, the cannabis market is literally growing. Multiple European countries have announced legislation and hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in the European cannabis industry. Yet we are still at least five years behind the US and Canada. Europe has benefitted from global developments, since the governments can follow the lead of other countries. Governments now comprehend the benefits that come with the legislation of cannabis, socially as well as financially.

This year we maintain our focus on North American brands and the lessons they have learnt but also showcase European companies to understand what they have to offer. We’re going to explore and learn how they have prospered despite operating in a legal grey zone and how they will compete and thrive in a global market as barriers tumble.

We’ll bring the knowledge of the North American cannabis investors and the seasoned veterans of the European cannabis market together in our Cannabis Capital Convention.

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The goal of the Cannabis Capital Convention is to inform about the investing opportunities in the cannabis industry. Speakers range from product specialists and companies to analysts from leading investment banks in cannabis. The day is filled with instructive speeches aspired to give you insights into these investment opportunities and to network with cannabis investors and influencers during lunch and drinks. An overview of the day:


Michael Kraland
Michael KralandModerator CCC
Michael Kraland is the moderator at the Cannabis Capital Convention. Michael is a publicist and a professional investor. In 1998 he became co-founder and shareholder of the Dutch investment website IEX.nl.
Marc Lakmaaker
Marc LakmaakerVP of Investor Relations at Aurora Cannabis Inc.
Prior to this, he was Head of Practice, Clean Tech at NATIONAL Equicom, Canada’s largest communications and investor relations firm. He has 20 years of experience in financial and corporate communications, corporate finance, marketing and company management in North America, Europe and Asia, and is a passionate advocate of investor and corporate brand building, Marc holds an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

Robert Cheney
Robert Cheney President/CEO at C21 Investments Inc.
Robert Cheney is an entrepreneur and investor with a background in media, film, internet technology and telecommunications. His focus is building exceptional management teams and focusing on investment opportunities with strong growth potential. Additionally, Rob’s early training as a corporate securities lawyer lends an advantageous skill-set in the execution of M & A transactions. With C21, Rob’s strategy is value creation through disciplined consolidation of an early-stage fragmented industry; building scale and life-style brands as a consumer driven products company.
Michael Nistorescu
Michael NistorescuChief Executive Officer at CannaVerde Pharma
Mr. Nistorescu started his career as an analyst at Gluskin Sheff + Associates and went on to become Investments Director at Infinite Potential Management. He then cofounded a boutique private equity firm where he served as CEO and Investments Director. Mr. Nistorescu earned a degree in Economics and International Studies from York University. He brings a wealth of experience in business strategy, asset allocation, and company management.
Cannaverde pharma:
To become a low cost, high quality producer and exporter of cannabis extracts from Latin America
Mila “The Hash Queen” Jansen will attend to sign her book
Mila “The Hash Queen” Jansen will attend to sign her bookOne of the most prominent female pioneers in the world of cannabis.
For more than fifty years, Mila has been at the heart of the Marijuana scene, first during the hippie movement in the sixties Amsterdam, and later as the world-renowned inventor of revolutionary hash-making technology.
Mila was recently honored with being named one of the 100 most influential people in the world of cannabis- and her fame continues to expand.

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